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The new Hydrema 912HM with 800 mm tyres has saved Entreprenørfirmaet JKP ApS the trouble of laying down four hundred metres of iron plates to drive on, as well as many machine hours.



It is their tyre width, wheel size, ground clearance and approach and departure angles that make these vehicles so useful on this terrain.


The Hydrema 912HM comes with 800 mm tyres for terrain driving, but is also available with 600 mm tyres for registration.


Contractor apprentice Mikkel Poulsen, owner Jan Pilgaard Kristensen and machine operator Per Thomsen Mühlbrandt in front of the Hydrema 912HM.


New Hydrema dump trucks pass muster under extreme conditions


It can’t drive on water, but it’s not far off. The Hydrema 912HM has solved otherwise impossible tasks in a nature restoration project in Skjern Enge, Denmark, and saved many machine hours.


Its 800 mm wide tyres and huge wheels mean that the Hydrema 912HM has an extremely low ground pressure. This has made a big difference during the work on redirecting the rivers Kirke and Ganer in Skjern Enge meadowland this winter, since the ground is very soft in these areas, even in freezing weather. We’ve been able to drive the new Hydrema 912HM in areas and at times where we otherwise would have had to give up’, says Jan Pilgaard Kristensen from the contracting company Entreprenørfirmaet JPK ApS. We’ve avoided having to lay down iron plates on 400 metres of driving terrain. We also save a lot of machine hours, since we can dump the earth directly where it’s supposed to be, such as in the former river courses, without having to push it out with an excavator.


Over a few weeks in January and February, the company has tested a Hydrema 912HM and a Hydrema 912DS. HM stands for ‘high mobility’ and S stands for "suspension". The machines have a newly developed front axle suspension system. This system comes as a standard feature. We’ve been very pleased with the two dump trucks we’ve tested, says Jan Pilgaard Kristensen. The wide tyres and big wheels are great for jobs on very soft ground. We work on many nature restoration projects, so these machines will often come in useful. The front axle suspension is incredible. I had no idea that was so important. Our operators drive 50% faster in this terrain without being exhausted at the end of the day. I think this system is the future for Hydrema’s dump trucks, and I’m convinced our next Hydrema dump truck should be a DS model.


The company’s current nature restoration project is stage four of a bigger project near Skjern in Denmark. The area’s two rivers have been redirected through the low-lying meadowland, and paths have been laid out in the area. The work is expected to be completed around 1st May. Thus it will have been done during the wettest part of the year, which has been even wetter this year. The extra ground clearance is also an advantage when we drive in such soft terrain. The machines have really been put to the test, and the fact that the Hydrema 912HM is raised an extra 110 millimetres off the ground is very important in ensuring that we don’t get stuck in the marshy ground, says Jan Pilgaard Kristensen.


Operator Per Thomsen Mühlbrandt is very satisfied with the new Hydrema models, singling out the front axle suspension for special praise: It’s very important. We can drive much faster and it’s easier on the body. When we do these types of jobs we really get shaken about, he says and looks out across a very uneven marshy terrain made even bumpier by the frost. The only disadvantage of driving faster is that it’s hard on the driving paths, but then again we get a lot more done, so that’s not a huge problem. In other kinds of jobs we might not drive faster, but we feel more comfortable in the cab’, says Mühlbrandt.


The project manager of the Hydremas 912 series, Brian Boe Christensen, emphasises that the suspended front axle was not just developed to increase productivity, but also to improve working environments. A lot of work is being done on the limit values of whole-body vibrations, and there’s no doubt that these requirements will be tightened up in future. For this reason Hydrema has assigned an employee in its development department to work on vibration comfort, and we have our own simulation tools. When we developed the front axle suspension system for the Hydrema 912DS and HM, we built special hydraulic components designed precisely to ensure vibration comfort’, says Brian Boe Christensen.


The large wheels and wide tyres make the vehicles’ ground pressure is 30% lower than that of a standard Hydrema 912D. This dump truck was partly developed for laying out golf courses, which demand very low ground pressure. The new model can typically drive all over the course with a full load without exceeding the ground pressure limits.


To reduce the pressure even further, the Hydrema 912HM is also available with grass tyres. Like the other models, the Hydrema 912HM is also available with a multi-chassis without a dumper body. It is then possible to mount a crane, tank, sand spreader, or whatever the customer needs. Fitted with 600 mm wide tyres, the new 912HM can be registered for road driving with loads, like the other vehicles in the 912 series.


For more information about Hydrema dump trucks, visit www.hydrema.com or contact: UK Ltd., Sales Director Tim Wadsworth, tel. (+44) 0783 679 9927.



Standard front axle suspension, 10 tonne load capacity, approach angle: 37o

Tyres  600/60-30.5   600/60-30.5 800/45-30.5   800/45-30.5
Tip function Std. tip  MultiTip   Std. tip MultiTip  
Width, mm 2540  2540  2870  2870 
Load capacity * 10.000 kg 9.780 kg % %
Ground pressure ** 1,16 kg/cm2 1,21 kg/cm2 0,85 kg/cm2 0,89 kg/cm2

* at registration - ** with full load.



Standard front axle suspension, 10 tonne load capacity, approach angle: 28o

Tyres 600/55-26.5 600/55-26.5
Tip function Std. tip MultiTip
Width, mm 2540 2540
Ground pressure with full load 1,24 kg/cm2 1,25 kg/cm2




The company "Entreprenørfirmaet JPK ApS"

Versatile contractor, offering drainage, earthworks, concrete, installations

Owner: Jan Pilgaard Kristensen
Established in 1990’s. Acquired Entreprenørfirmaet Egon Kristensen in 2002
Employees: 12-14
Machinery: one Hydrema 906D and one Hydrema 912D, various excavators, up to 20 tonnes
Website: www.jpkkloak.dk