Finn Frandsen's celebrates his 50th Anniversary at Hydrema

5. July 2021

Today, 50 years later, he can celebrate his 50th anniversary as a machine worker, which is not commonplace in today's Denmark.

On July 1, 1971, Finn Frandsen started as a working boy at the company Hydrema in Støvring, where he later apprenticed as a machine worker.

Today, 50 years later, he can celebrate his 50th anniversary as a machine worker, a rare feat in today's Denmark. Especially when you consider that approx. 800,000 Danes, corresponding to every fourth employee in the Danish labor market, change jobs every year. Finn is thus unique, and you can safely label him as a true "company man".

The drilling rig which has been Finn Frandsen's faithful partner and workplace since 1976.

As Finn himself puts it in connection with his anniversary, "I have been incredibly privileged to always have a great job here at Hydrema, and I have enjoyed every single day at my job. I have been involved in developing new machines and had the opportunity to express my opinion, and thus felt that I have contributed something to the company."

Finn grew up right on the other side of the factory on the outskirts of Støvring and could look down on the row of yellow construction machines. He started as a working boy already at the age of 15 at Hydrema and, after a few years, found his place at the drilling plant, where steel components are drilled and fitted for use on the yellow machines. A new horizontal drill and milling plant was bought in 1976 - in fact, Finn has never since left his faithful work partner and is still managing the machine today.

Horizontal drill and milling machine that Finn Frandsen has faithfully operated with great precision since 1976.

When Finn started at Hydrema in 1971, it was a growing company with approx. 25-30 employees, who year after year expanded its production and warehousing facilities due to the rapid development that society experienced. Today, 50 years later, Hydrema is a modern international company with 460 employees (2020), which has once again emerged stronger from a major global crisis.

                                          Hydrema V7-F9 tractor excavator with a shovel - july 1971

He has thus experienced a bit of everything in his time at Hydrema. When looking at the development, the company has undergone since 1971, when it produced machines based on Volvo tractors, such as the Hydrema V7-F9 Tractor Excavator with a front shovel. To where it is today, where high-tech construction machines are produced, such as Finn himself is involved in producing, so there is a world of difference.

The new Hydrema MX16 G Wheel Excavator at work in Aalborg.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Finn has been affected by Parkinson's disease. However, this does not prevent him from taking care of his work, and in fact he feels good when he stands at his machine, which calms his tremors. Many had probably chosen to retire with such an illness. However, Finn is not like everyone else, and he has not yet decided when he will have his last day of work at Hydrema.

Finn will certainly not be bored concerning the future, as he has well over 35 different veteran tractors left at home, which he enjoys spending time and screwing on.

Finn Frandsen and his wife Jane in connection with his 50th anniversary.

In connection with its 50th anniversary, Hydrema marked the day as Finn was celebrated with colleagues and family. Finn Frandsen can be nominated for the Queen's Medal of Merit, as he is qualified for this honour after 50 years of faithful service if he so wishes.

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