Hydrema 912GS moving tons of material through narrow roads in Austria

30. June 2021

"Thanks to the Hydrema dump trucks, we minimize the environmental impact and avoid unnecessary costs."

Narrow and manoeuvrable  

Many know the 912 articulated dump truck from Hydrema as "the little one with the wide tires". Superior in terrain with low ground pressure, permanent all-wheel drive, and efficient power and weight transmission thanks to the unique Hydrema articulation point with oscillation and hydraulic stabilizers.

But the 912 has another side. Equipped with 17.5 R25 EM tires, it is only 2.2 meters wide. Thanks to the articulated joint in the middle, it becomes a narrow and very manoeuvrable machine ideal for tight construction sites in the city. In addition, the 912 dump trucks are approved to drive fully loaded on public roads, enabling you to transport materials between sites easily or move the dump trucks to a different construction site.

Two Hydrema 912GS dump trucks are working in Gmunden, Austria, as part of a construction project, where their main objective is to help remove 25,000 tons of material from a construction site to make room for a new building project.

The large windows in the cab ensure a good view in all directions from the centrally placed driver's seat. Together with the rearview camera and reversing alarm, the safety is high, not only on the construction site but also in traffic.

The 145 hp delivered by the 4-cylinder Cummins Stage 5 diesel engine moves the 912 quickly in traffic and ensure a large excess of power on the construction site.

Moving tons of material through narrow roads

Mr Mittendorfer from the Austrian construction company Mittendorfer Bau GmbH & Co KG, was facing a problem in Gmunden; 25,000 tons of material must be removed to create space for a new building. The issue was that a section of the road to the construction site was only 2.4 meters wide – which is too narrow for a truck to pass through. It is possible for trucks to take a longer detour, but this is associated with a significant amount of extra working hours and higher fuel costs, as well as an additional environmental impact.

Equipped with 17.5 R25 EM tires and only 2.2 meters wide, the fully loaded Hydrema 912GS easily makes its way through the narrow passage.

The solution was 3 Hydrema 912GS dump trucks mounted with narrow wheels. "They work perfectly here," says Mr. Mittendorfer satisfied. "We fold in the side mirrors as we drive through the narrow sections. Thanks to the Hydrema dump trucks, we minimize the environmental impact and avoid unnecessary costs."

"For the remaining 4 kilometres to the material storage, the Hydrema dump trucks simply work great, even in normal city traffic!" Continues Martin Ebner, area Sales Manager at IBS GmbH.

The Hydrema 912GS MultiChassis is licensed to drive fully loaded on public roads, which gives it a clear advantage over similar trucks on the market.

Josef Warum, Sales Manager of IBS GmbH: "As a Hydrema dealer in Austria, it is, of course, exciting to take part in such an interesting project, especially as they were the first Hydrema 912GS to be put into operation in Austria."

"The first two 912GS went into operation in March, and they have already completed 500 hours during the first three months. The third machine arrived a little later. All three dump trucks will be in use until at least August. We would like once again to thank Mittendorfer Bau and their project in Gmunden because it is a first-class reference for our companies and confirms us in our activities with Hydrema in Austria ", Martin Ebner concludes.

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