Wheeled Excavators

Wheeled Excavators

Compact excavators

The MX G-series with stage V engines are the perfect match for construction sites in the city. They are strong, compact machines with top-class breakout force, engine power and digging performance.

Compact excavators


Compact and powerful

  • Works perfectly in small spaces

    The MX G-series’ compact upper carriage offers a very short tail swing radius, down to 1733 mm (45 cm over the wheels).

    Additionally, the special excavator arm geometry means the excavator arm front slew radius is short. The short slew radius allows the excavator to work in very tight areas, for instance, close to buildings in city sites or stay within the boundaries of a single lane during road works.

    The excavator's range, digging depth and strike height are amongst the best, which underscores the versatility and usability of the MX. The dipper is available in lengths of 2.0 meters, 2.5 meters or 3.0 meters.

  • Immensely powerful

    The MX G-series is packed with power. The Stage V Cummins engine delivers 175 hp while the hydraulic system can provide up to 407 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.

    The engine provides plenty of power for even the toughest tasks, heavy lifts, or to run large attachments such as a hydraulically driven rotary mower or suction devices like the TinBin TC2.

    Despite the machine's compact dimensions, it can easily lift heavy loads, such as large sewage pipes. 


Hydrema MX G Series


Operational precision

  • Strength and precision

    A dual-circuit electronically-controlled hydraulic system effectively adjusts the hydraulic power for the task at hand.


    The two independent pumps can provide up to 407 litres of hydraulic flow per minute—319 litres per minute for the working hydraulics and 88 litres per minute for the slew function.


    The separate hydrostatic circuit for the slew function makes it possible to regenerate the slew brake energy and keep it completely independent of the other excavator functions.


    The system comes with a combined hydraulic-electronic Mode-Control and ECO mode. This ensures greater efficiency, a better fuel economy, and smooth, predictable movements when using several functions simultaneously.

  • Improved slew brake

    A redesigned slew brake that improves the start of the “slew-movement” gives the upper carriage smoother movements, especially noticeable when working on slopes.

    The MX G-series are equipped as standard with an angle sensor, which measures the machine's inclination laterally and longitudinally.


    In combination with built-in software that continuously adapts to the hydraulics and slew brake system, the sensor is utilized to control the smooth slew system.

  • Operation and adjustment

    From the large 10'' display, simple to operate via touch or the display controller in the armrest. The operator can easily adjust the hydraulic functions depending on the mounted tools regarding the oil flow and pressure required for the work. Large rear view mirros electronically operated and rear view camera intergrated into the display.
    Especially handy when working with tilt rotators, the rollers on the joysticks can be finetuned in terms of direction, function, speed or sensitivity.

    The excavators come as standard with two hydraulic circuits for attachments, which increase the excavator's functionality.


Spacious cab

Work environment

Improved comfort, communication and safety

  • Perfectly seated

    The MX series has an air-suspended driver’s seat, which can be adjusted in multiple ways and provides the operator with comfort at all times.


    As an option, an air-suspended seat with ventilation and longitudinal dampening can be offered. The multi-joystick control is installed as an integrated part of both armrests.

  • Multi-adjustable armrest

    The multi-joystick control is installed as an integrated part of the new multi-adjustable armrest, which can be adjusted both in height, length and angle, so the operators can have the optimal and most comfortable working position.


  • Removable front window

    The window layout provides a great view for the operator and allows easy communication with people around the machine.


    The lower part of the window can be removed, while the upper window easily slides open.   



Easy service access

  • Easy service access

    Placed on the machine’s right-hand side, you find the large engine bonnet, which can be raised electronically by pushing a button.


    When opened, you gain access to the engine, filters and radiator, making it easy to conduct service and maintenance while working at ground level.

  • Automatic Battery Isolator

    The automatic battery isolator shuts off all-electric systems when the operator turns off the ignition key and leaves the cab. At the same time, sensors in the doors re-activate the system when the operator returns.


    The timer and the shut-down process is managed via the dashboard. An emergency battery isolator is placed inside the cab for safety measures.

  • Built-in ladder

    For easy access to the top of the machine and the large diesel and AdBlue tanks, you can locate and pull out a built-in ladder underneath the left-hand side of the upper carriage.


    A diesel pump is available as an option for easy ground-level filling.




Customized Colours


Customize your machine

The MX series is built on a modular chassis with a bolt-on concept, so the undercarriage can be fitted to suit exactly your needs. Choose between dozer blades, stabilisers or BM quick hitches to mount other attachments such as buckets to carry tools.

Customize your machine


Models in the MX G series

  • MX14G

    The MX14G is an ultra-compact and yet powerful excavator, that is a perfect fit on sites with very limited space.

  • MX16G

    The MX16G is equipped with a heavier counterweight and a more powerful drive motor than the MX14G, making it a versatile and strong urban machine.

  • MX17G

    The MX17G is well suited for heavy tasks in urban areas. It has a 20 per cent greater break-out force and a higher lifting capability than the MX16 yet is still compact and agile enough to operate in areas with limited space.


Options for the MX G Series

  • Automatic lubrication system

    Automatic central lubrication allocates the amount of grease the machine needs.

  • Towing hitch

    Towing hitches for trailers are available, capable of towing heavy loads.


    In addition to electric and hydraulic lines, a system for the trailer brake is available for maximum safety.

  • Improve flexibility

    Make your excavator even more versatile with an Engcon tiltrotator with a fully automatic quick hitch system with EC-oil. This means that the hydraulic tools can be connected or disconnected without the operator having to leave the cab.


Read more about the excavators

Read more about the excavators

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