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Wheeled Excavators

Hydrema MX16 Excavator mounted with Engcon tiltrotator doing pavement work

City excavators that set the standard!

The Hydrema MX series are smooth machines with breakout force, engine power, and digging features at the absolute top of its class!

Hydrema MX16 Excavator mounted with Engcon tiltrotator driving along a harbor


High hydraulic power and long reach

  • Hydrema MX14 excavator lifting an insulated pipe

    Strength and precision

    A dual-circuit electronically-controlled hydraulic system effectively adjusts the hydraulic power for any task.There is also a hydrostatic high pressure system for the swing function, which gives the machine superior swing precision and low fuel consumption.

  • Hydrema MX series instrument panel

    Operating and adjusting

    From the instrument panel, the operator can electronically adjust the optional hydraulic functions depending on the tools the machine is carrying and the oil flow and pressure required for the work.

  • Hydrema MX16 excavator digging with it

    Long reach

    The excavator’s range, digging depth, and strike height are among the best, which underscores the series’ versatility and usability. The dipper is available in lengths of 2.0 meter, 2.5 meter or 3.0 meter.

Undercarriage variants

Build for your jobs

The MX series is built on a modular chassis, and depending on your type of work, the blades and stabilizers can be mounted so the machine suits your needs. 

Hydrema MX series undercarriage variants

Easy service access


Read more about the excavators

Read more about the excavators

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Video demo of MX Wheeled Excavators

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