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Rail Excavator

Hydrema MX20G Rail dump truck driving on railway track

Efficient on the tracks

The Hydrema MX16G RAIL and MX20G RAIL are factory-built machines with a specially designed rail module enabling the compact excavators to work on tracks.

Hydrema MX16 Rail excavator working on railroad

Work efficiently on the railway

Flexible rail modules

  • Hydrema rail modules and wheels

    Detachable rail modules

    The Rail modules have integrated trailer couplings, front and back, mounted through a bolt-on system that can be de-mounted if not used for rail work. 


    Large rail wheels (with a diameter of 650 mm) ensure the position and driving stability of the excavator on track.


    Individual disk brakes are mounted in the hub of the rail wheels so that both the service and parking brakes work directly on the rail wheels.


  • Hydrema 912GS Rail dump truck working in high rail mode

    High rail mode

    The tires are fully pressed against the rail wheels and can be lifted 100 mm above the tracks. 


    This can avoid damage to the track sensors and shifters as the tyres can be lifted entirely off the railway tracks. Operating in high rail mode provides maximum stability.


  • Hydrema 912GS rail dump working in Low rail mode

    Low rail mode

    In low rail mode, the tyres run directly upon the railway tracks. In this way, the rail wheels run with constant pressure control and suspension to achieve high safety and avoid derailing.


    Running partly on the tyres provides comfortable driving and maximizes traction which is especially useful in wet conditions.


Both on roads and tracks

Designed for Railway work

Rail specific equipment

  • Hydrema 912GS has integrated cameras to get easy onto the rail track

    Integrated cameras

    As a standard feature the excavators have three cameras mounted on the counterweight and engine bonnet, with separate monitors in the cabin displays.


    If you want to maximize your view and increase safety around the excavators, a 360-degree camera system is available as an option.


  • Hydrema MX G with Prolec system

    Prolec failsafe system

    For maximum safety, the rail machines are fitted with the electronic Prolec height and slew limiter system which includes an RCI (rated capacity indicator).


    The system can limit the working height to prevent the machine from hitting overhanging railway cables and make a virtual wall to prevent movement into the neighbouring track. The RCI constantly monitors the stability of the excavator.


  • Hydrema rail emergency pump

    Emergency operation

    In the event of an engine failure or a fault in the electrical system, the hydraulic functions can be operated using the emergency pump, located on top of the machine behind the cab.


    This allows the machine to be safely removed to a secure location where it then can be repaired. 



Video of the Hydrema rail system


Improved comfort, communication and safety

  • Perfectly seated

    The MX series has an air-suspended driver's seat, which can be adjusted in multiple ways and provides the operator with comfort at all times.

    As an option, an air-suspended seat with ventilation and longitudinal dampening is available.

    Multi-adjustable armrest

    The multi-joystick control is installed, as an integrated part of the new multi-adjustable armrest. The armrest can be adjusted, both in height, length and angle, so the operator can have the most comfortable working position.

  • Removable front window

    The window layout provides a great view for the operator and allows easy communication with people around the machine.

    The lower part of the window can be removed, while the upper window easily slides open.

    Easy service access

    The bonnet is located on the right side and opens easily and quickly with electrical activation.

    When opened, you gain access to the engine, filters and radiator, making it easy to conduct service and maintenance while working at ground level.


Hydrema 912GS rail cab & interior work place Hydrema 912GS rail view from the cab

LED Light Packages

Versatility on the track

Equipped with the latest Cummins Stage V engine delivering 175 hp and a hydraulic flow of up to 407 l/m, our rail excavator can run multiple rail associated types of equipment.

Hydrema MX20G Rail excavator lifting on tracks




Options for the Rail Excavator

  • Hydrema MX G´machine with automatic lubrication system

    Automatic lubrication system

    The automatic central lubrication system allocates the amount of grease the machine needs, so it performs at its best all day long while saving you a lot of working hours.

  • Hydrema 912 rail dump truck is mounted with an articulation lock

    Air pressure system for trailer

    As an option, you can equip your excavator with an air pressure system in the undercarriage for trailer braking systems, allowing you to connect trailers to your rail excavator.

  • Hydrema rail excavator with Engcon tilt-rotator

    Improve flexibility

    Make your rail excavator even more versatile with Engcon tilt-rotators, with a fully automatic quick hitch system, EC-oil and integrated grippers that are specially designed for the tough environment on the railway, where a gripper will often be used to pull and lift heavy rails.


    Overall, this means that the hydraulic tools can be connected or disconnected without the operator leaving the cab, making it safer for the operator to work on the tracks.


AS7502 Compliant

For Australia, we manufacture and build customized rail machines that are AS7502 compliant, and among other things, have a derailment catch system and insulated rail wheels.

Hydrema MX20G Rail excavator customized for Australia


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