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A. Enggaard and Hydrema

Building Success Together

A. Enggaard, one of Denmark's largest privately-owned construction companies, has been shaping the Danish landscape with its innovative projects and formidable fleet of machinery. At the heart of their success story lies a decade-long partnership with Hydrema, a relationship built on trust, quality, and shared values.

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Livbjerggaard & Hydrema

Generations of Collaboration

Livbjerggaard Entreprenørforretning, headed by Karl Iver Jensen, has evolved from a machine station to a specialised contracting business. In close co-operation with Hydrema, the acquisition of a new 926G backhoe loader marks an important step in the company's technological development and preparation for an upcoming generational change.

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Maabjerg og Hydrema

A Partnership Reborn

Entreprenørfirmaet Maabjerg is a company with deep roots in construction work in western Jutland, Denmark. They have had many machines over the years, and the history between Hydrema and Maabjerg dates back to the 1970s, when Maabjerg first had a Hydrema machine. Today, they have once again chosen to acquire a Hydrema 906G backhoe loader.

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