At this year's Experience Days in April, the Danish-German manufacturer wants to emphasize why it is so important for contractors to invest in a particularly efficient machine.

"Driving Hydrema machines is always an experience. Working with them means maximizing profits for the contractor," says German Sales Manager Martin Werthenbach.

"Our motto this year is...
"It's not the multitude of machines on the construction site that is the key to profit, but the one efficient machine on the construction site that ensures profit for the contractor!"

According to the Hydrema, the contractor usually has to cope with very different tasks on the construction site. A trench has to be opened in a narrow construction site with the smallest possible machine, perhaps very heavy material has to be removed from the ground, or a heavy component, such as a water catch basin, has to be lifted in, which is why it is not uncommon to have to dig deeper than 4 m in a narrow area and then load the excavated material onto a truck.

In fact, the number of jobs on the construction site is often very large, as is the number of machines actually required for them. According to Hydrema, all these machines need to be transported and have space to stand on the construction site when they are not needed. "Our answer to the logistical but also cost-intensive challenge for the contractor is an efficient machine with which the contractor can handle everything on the construction site if possible.

Whether material needs to be moved on pallets, or sheet piling needs to be driven into the ground to secure it, or the newly worked-in soil needs to be compacted, the HYDREMA machine operator will complete all these tasks with his city excavator with flying colors and, above all, cost-effectively. If he then even cleans the construction site with the attachment broom at the end, the client is also satisfied and can recommend the contractor for his fast performance," says the sales manager, referring to the Experience days in Weimar.

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People will once again stand in awe in front of the machines at the Hydrema Experience Days

From April 17 to 24, every registered contractor will have the opportunity to test the variety of HYDREMA excavators at their leisure. "We have a wide variety of attachments on site, all of which can be tested with the HYDREMA City excavator. Whether screening or crushing buckets, hydraulic hammers, attachment rams, suction excavators, attachment compactors, everything can be tested. On Saturday, April 20, we don't want to limit the number of visitors, as this will be our colorful press day with a barbecue and cold drinks. Sunday is the only day of rest for us. That's when the machines stop. Otherwise, we are expecting a lot of interested customers this week who will not want to miss this opportunity. After all, our dump trucks will also be driving on the test course again and every visitor can take this rollercoaster ride for themselves, because we have great confidence in our dumpers being safe to drive."
And there are two more real highlights for visitors to take away with them on the Experience Days. Driving a Hydrema multi-purpose wheeled excavator is an experience that you certainly don't get very often. Although this special machine is very popular in Denmark, in Germany it can only be seen in action by connoisseurs. "We already had a few customers last year who drove the machine here with us and were really enthusiastic afterwards.

The 906G is a powerful, high-thrust wheel loader in the 1.4 cbm class at the front and a 10-tonne wheeled excavator at the rear. Mobile excavator that also has the swivel headstock that is often popular in this small mobile excavator class, with which you can pull the trench along the wall. But what many people don't know is that our machine can be moved and steered completely with a view of the excavator arm. The swivel range of 280 degrees is enormous and covers almost the entire working range of a normal excavator. Our customers, including, for example, the Bavarian State Forest or the municipality of Markt Velden, have been swearing by this machine for years. Anyone who wants to can see the advantages of this machine for themselves by driving it on our show construction site."

And finally, Hydrema also has a newcomer to the dumper fleet, which not many customers are likely to have driven before. "Our DT6 is a fully electric dumper that can not only drive nimbly and maneuverably from A to B on the road, but can also follow the diesel dumpers through rough terrain. You can also experience the rollercoaster ride off-road with it. It is important that our visitors have registered. On Saturday, April 20, we have a Public Day with press participation. The day will be full and certainly very entertaining. On the other days, the focus will be exclusively on testing the machines and we will again make sure that it doesn't get too crowded so that everyone can try everything out at their leisure.

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Once again, people can try driving on the dumper test course and admire the small DT6 as it follows in the footsteps of its big brothers

Registration on these days is therefore obligatory if you want to have a safe time with our machines. And although we show a lot of machines on the show construction site on these days, the following principle applies: "It is not the large number of machines on the construction site that is the key to profit, but the one efficient machine on the construction site that ensures the contractor's profit!"

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