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Compact, highly mobile and superior off-road. Articulated and versatile 10 tonne dump trucks with high power, low weight, long life and easy operation. Efficient and flexible - every day, year after year, the Hydremas 912G series delivers efficient and powerful earthmoving. With a strong focus on operator comfort and safety, you get a world-class dump truck.

912G Load On Route Constr Site


Dump Truck

  • 10 tonnes load capacity
  • Cummins B4.5 Stage 5 engine
  • Easy to operate, safe and robust
912GS On Route Constr Site


Dump Truck

  • 10 tonnes load capacity
  • Great comfort with front axle suspension
  • Operators cab with great visibility
912G HM Front View MT Unloading City Site


Dump Truck

  • 10 tonnes load capacity
  • Low kerb weight and wide tyres for low ground pressure
  • Suspended front axle for maximum comfort

The Hydrema range of 10-tonne dumper trucks is called the 912G series and consists of 3 models: 912G, 912GS and 912HM. Hydremas 912 dump trucks have undergone a lot of development over the years. All the way back to the old 800 models, which then evolved into 900 models. In the 900 models, the 10-tonne dump trucks started as the 910, and then 912, indicating an upgrade in machine power.

When the Hydremas 10-tonne capacity dumper was named the 912 - based on the British unit of measurement, the short tonne - it followed the rest of the Hydremas machines that were part of the C-Series. The C-series is an expression of the generation of engines that are in the machines. Since then, this series has evolved into D, E, F and today we've reached the G series, all of which have a Cummins Stage 5 engine. 

The success of the Hydrema 912 dumper is mainly due to the oscillating articulated chassis with central pivot point. The joint with hydraulic stabilisers keeps the machine stable and safe by automatically transferring weight to the wheels that grip the ground.

The 912G, 912GS and 912HM are three different models designed for different applications.

The differences between these models are:

The 912G is the standard model. It doesn't have front axle suspension and can feel a little more bumpy to drive than the other two models, but it's an excellent choice for those who don't need to drive on very rough terrain.

The 912GS has front axle suspension, which makes the cab more stable and doesn't follow the machine's movements in the terrain in the same way. This provides greater comfort for the operator.

The 912HM differs from the other two models by having larger tyres, a higher ground clearance and can run with a tyre width of up to 800 mm, which means it has a lower ground pressure. This means it leaves fewer tracks and is ideal for driving on golf courses, for example. In addition, the 912HM is also the only model with a flatbed option.

Apart from these differences, the three 10 tonne dump trucks in the 912G series share the same features.

All 912G series models have a 147hp (108kW) Cummins B-4.5L Stage 5 engine with DOC, DPF and SCR catalyst with AdBlue addition. This 4.5 litre engine comes with a 16-valve common-rail turbodiesel with intercooler and electronically variable turbocharger.

The chassis design ensures all wheels are always on the same track and the standard twin tyres provide exceptional traction with minimal damage to the ground. The centrally positioned articulated joint provides great manoeuvrability, a low turning radius of only 6.1 m and easy positioning when tipping.

The 912G series is extremely easy to operate and the operator will quickly become familiar with the machine's features and manoeuvrability. User-friendly controls, joystick steering, excellent visibility and an ergonomically designed cabin ensure the best working conditions.

The dumper features a proven 6-speed ZF Soft-Shift transmission with automatic or manual shifting. This intelligent transmission automatically shifts up 2 gears when the right conditions are present to increase speed.

So, the 912G series is an extremely good choice for a compact yet powerful dump truck that will make everyday life easier and provide plenty of comfort. Ideal as a rental machine, this 10 tonne hauler is reliable, durable and easy to operate. Like all Hydrema backhoe loaders and wheeled excavators, the 912G series also comes with Hydrema Telematics, which is free for the first 3 years. With Hydrema Telematics, you get an overview of a wealth of data on the machine via sensors and electronics in the machine.

So if you need a strong, easy-to-operate and compact dumper of the highest quality, then the 912G dump truck from Hydrema is for you. If you need a smaller truck, take a look at our 707G series, and if you need a dump truck larger than 10 tonnes, take a look at our 922G series. You can also find our new 6 tonne dump truck, which is fully electric and perfect for urban work here.

No matter what size dumper you're looking for, you'll find the highest quality here at Hydrema!