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Electric dump trucks represent a pioneering shift in the construction industry towards sustainable and environmentally friendly operation. These machines combine powerful performance with emission-free operation and low noise levels, making them ideal for working in urban areas and locations with strict environmental requirements. Discover Hydrema's newest addition; the fully electric 6 tonne dump truck, the DT6!

DT6 Side View Speeding City Street


Dump Truck

  • 5.5 tonnes load capacity
  • Fully electric
  • High mobility and stability

In an age where sustainability and environmental concerns are at the centre of the construction industry, electric dump trucks have emerged as a remarkable innovation. These machines, powered by electricity, are not only a solution to meet increasing environmental requirements, but also a step forward in increasing efficiency and productivity on construction sites around the world.

Hydrema DT6: Pioneers in Electric Dumpers

An excellent example of this technological evolution is Hydrema's latest innovation; the DT6, a fully electric dump truck that combines performance and sustainability. With its impressive battery life and low noise levels, the DT6 is ideal for working in urban areas where the environment and noise control are crucial. The DT6's compact design and manoeuvrability also make it suitable for tight areas where space is limited.

Hydrema: A Tradition of Quality and Innovation

Hydrema has long been known for delivering quality machinery to the construction industry. Our dump truck range, including the versatile 707G series, the powerful 912G series and the large capacity 922G series, have been a trusted choice for contractors and construction companies around the world. These dumpers combine strength and efficiency to handle various construction tasks with ease.

In addition to dump trucks, Hydrema also offers a comprehensive range of backhoe loaders and wheeled excavators that are known for their versatility and reliability on the jobsite. These machines are designed to handle different terrain conditions and tasks, making them valuable assets in construction projects.

Hydrema's Vision: Efficiency and Sustainability

With electric dump trucks, like the DT6, and an extensive range of machines, Hydrema continues to define the standard for efficient and sustainable construction. Our mission to offer machines that combine performance, sustainability and technological innovation makes us a leader in the industry.

Discover how Hydrema's machines can improve your workplace, increase productivity and contribute to a more sustainable future. Hydrema is not just a manufacturer of machines; they are a partner in shaping the future of the construction industry.