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Dump Truck


  • 5.5 tonnes load capacity
  • Fully electric
  • High mobility and stability
  • Chassis with articulated joints, low centre of gravity and high stability
  • Easy to operate and safe
  • Outstanding visibility


Welcome to the future of the construction industry with the Hydrema DT6 - a ground-breaking dumper truck that sets new standards. Not only is the DT6 Hydrema's smallest dump truck with an impressive load capacity of 5.5 tonnes, it's also the company's first fully electric dump truck.


The DT6 is tailor-made for urban areas where space can be tight and where there are strict requirements for noise levels and environmental considerations. Its compact size and electric powertrain make it ideal for any project that requires a reliable and efficient solution.

With the DT6, Hydrema has created a groundbreaking hauler that not only solves today's construction challenges, but also sets the standard for the environmentally friendly and efficient machines of the future. Experience the future with the Hydrema DT6.


The Hydrema DT6 is more than just a dump truck - it's a manifestation of advanced technology and innovation. At the heart of the DT6's impressive performance lies its groundbreaking electrical system.

This electrical system is designed with a clear vision to deliver maximum efficiency and minimal energy loss. It is based on a water-cooled 96V ZF eTrac engine, transmission and axles, which together create an incredibly powerful powertrain. With an output of 29 kW continuous and 69 kW maximum, the DT6 can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease.

But the efficiency doesn't stop there. The DT6's electrical system also includes a separate electrically driven hydraulic pump that is only activated when needed, which not only minimises energy loss but also significantly reduces noise levels. With a hydraulic power of 14 kW, the machine can handle steering, tipping and other auxiliary functions with precision and reliability.


The electrical system in the DT6 is divided into two parts: a 96V system and a 24V system. The 96V system is powered by the 8 liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries (NMC), which are located on each side of the cab and have a total capacity of 63 kWh. This system supplies power to the cooling motor, the hydraulic pump motor and the machine's heater. In addition, this system also charges the machine's two 12-volt batteries, ensuring reliable power supply to all vital components of the DT6.


This electric dump truck is powered by powerful water-cooled lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 63 kWh. These advanced batteries not only deliver maximum efficiency and power, but they are also equipped with a sophisticated thermal battery management system. This system ensures that the batteries always maintain optimal conditions, which not only extends their lifespan, but also ensures reliable performance for years to come. Expected battery life for the DT6 is an impressive 8-10 years, making it a durable and reliable solution for construction applications.


The electric driveline that powers the DT6 has been developed with a focus on meeting the high demands for performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness. This innovative platform delivers maximum efficiency with minimal energy loss and maintains low noise levels, making it ideal for working in noise-sensitive areas. At the centre of this driveline is the water-cooled 96 V ZF eTrac-motor, which controls both the transmission and axles. With continuous power of 29 kW and a maximum power of 69 kW, this electric driveline is a reliable power source for any task.


To ensure continuous operation and maximum uptime, the DT6 has an efficient charging solution. It is equipped with a powerful 18 kW integrated fast charger that allows for efficient charging. This charger is versatile and can be connected to either a standard type 2 charging station or a CCE 32A socket. Under normal working conditions, the DT6 only needs charging during work breaks, allowing for uninterrupted work and optimal productivity every day.


The DT6 is equipped with a chassis that has a central articulated pivot point and two dual-acting hydraulic stabilisers in the articulated joint. These stabilisers play a crucial role in maintaining great stability, both while driving and when tipping the machine. This chassis design gives the operator the necessary safety and control, even on uneven terrain, making the DT6 a reliable and efficient work partner.


The DT6 comes with fixed heavy-duty axles with planetary gears in the hubs. The rear axle has a 100% differential lock with electric operation and an automatic limited slip differential lock on the front axle. These axles are also equipped with integrated self-adjusting disc brakes and have separate oil compartments for the differential and hubs.


The DT6 has a precise and safe steering system with a separate electric motor driving the hydrostatic Load Sensing articulated steering. Two dual-acting cylinders provide precise steering, and the system also includes a priority valve and integrated emergency steering for added safety. The steering cylinders are damped for smooth steering and the DT6 can achieve a maximum steering angle of +/- 38 degrees for excellent manoeuvrability.


The Hydremas DT6 has a reliable braking system with hydraulic disc brakes at all 4 wheels. It is self-adjusting and maintenance-free. In addition, it has a fail-safe parking brake that is electro-hydraulically activated for extra safety.


The hydraulic system used in the DT6 is an impressive technological solution. It includes a separate electrically driven hydraulic pump designed to control various machine functions, such as steering, tipping and other auxiliary functions. What's remarkable about this system is that the hydraulic pump is only activated when needed. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also ensures that the machine operates quietly. With a hydraulic power of 14 kW, this system is a reliable and efficient component of the DT6's performance package.


The DT6 offers a convenient single-pedal drive that makes it easy for the operator to control the machine. There are three different drive programmes available: Power, Normal and Eco. Each programme has different acceleration and energy utilisation settings, giving the operator the flexibility to adapt the machine's performance as needed. Regardless of which programme is selected, the DT6 has an impressive maximum speed of 20 km/h.


The Hydremas DT6 has two separate cooling systems. One climate system cools high-voltage components and batteries, while the second system involves water cooling of the drive motor, driveline inverter and hydraulic system. This system is designed to operate efficiently in ambient temperatures up to +46°C and ensures optimal operation in various weather conditions.


To maximise comfort, the cab features a suspension seat that can be selected as either mechanical or air suspension, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even during longer working days. In addition, both the steering wheel and the electric joystick in the armrest are adjustable, allowing the operator to find the optimal setting for their needs, contributing to a more ergonomic and comfortable working day.


The spacious dump body of the DT6 has a volume of 3.5 m3. The body is made of robotically welded high-strength steel, ensuring both durability and reliability in even the most demanding work situations.

The design of the body includes a 69° tip angle, which allows the bottom of the body to tilt to 45° from horizontal. This makes it easy to unload materials with precision and efficiency, which is crucial for productivity on the jobsite.


The DT6 has a handy MultiTip function that enables fast unloading backwards and to both sides. This system, powered by powerful dual-acting cylinders, allows an impressive 180-degree tipping angle. This means the DT6 can unload materials with precision and efficiency, regardless of the terrain, in just 10 seconds up and 7 seconds down.


Tyres 500/60-22,5 600/50-22,5 700/40-22,5
Machine weight kg 5200 5250 5530
Carrying capacity kg 5500 5500 5500
Body volume (heaped) m3 3.5 3.5 3.5
Track mm 1680 1750 1850
Total with mm 2180 2350 2550
With, chassis mm 2180 2180 2180
Clearance mm 353 353 353
Height with raised body mm 3685 3685 3685
Loading height mm 1875 1875 1875
Tipping clearance mm 1077 1077 1077
Max height (cab) mm 2560 2560 2560
Overhang, rear mm 1148 1148 1148
Wheelbase mm 2500 2500 2500
Overall length mm 5560 5560 5560
Overhang, front mm 1910 1910 1910
Approach angle, front ° 69° 69° 69°
Approach angle, rear ° 27° 27° 27°
Tipping angle ° 69° 69° 69°
Dump truck body width mm 2010 2010 2010
Turning radius mm 4920 4920 4950
Steering angle ° 38° 38° 38°
Ground pressure (full load) kPa 111 93 80


The DT6 from Hydrema is the natural choice for your next construction project. The DT6 is more than just a machine; it's a promise to transform your workplace, improve your productivity and protect the environment around you. With its cutting-edge electric technology, it not only delivers zero emissions and minimal noise, but its compact size also makes it suitable for tight urban spaces.

The DT6 is Hydrema's first fully electric dump truck, which means it delivers zero emissions and minimal noise. You can work efficiently in urban areas where environmental requirements are high and noise levels need to be kept low. As an electric dumper, the DT6 is ready to meet future environmental standards and requirements. It's a long-term choice that invests in sustainability.

With a long battery life, user-friendly cab and minimal maintenance, the DT6 is a reliable and efficient solution. Choose the DT6 and invest in the future of construction with a machine that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.


The Hydrema DT6 represents a new era in dumper trucks and delivers a number of significant benefits that make it the preferred solution for construction projects:

Groundbreaking Electric Powertrain: As Hydrema's first fully electric dumper, the DT6 combines direct electric drive with on-demand hydraulics. This not only reduces emission levels to zero, but also ensures quiet operation, essential in noise-sensitive urban areas.

High Battery Capacity: The DT6 is equipped with powerful 63 kWh lithium-ion batteries, giving the machine an impressive runtime and enabling it to work for longer periods without the need for frequent recharging.

Compact and Manoeuvrable: The DT6's compact size makes it ideal for tight construction areas where space is a constraint. The oscillating articulated joint, hydraulic stabilisers and a low centre of gravity provide excellent mobility and stability, which is essential for safety.

Environmentally friendly operation: With its electric powertrain and zero emissions, the DT6 helps reduce the environmental impact in cities, while complying with strict environmental standards and future sustainability requirements.

Excellent Visibility and Ease of Use: The DT6's spacious cab is ROPS/FOPS certified and offers outstanding all-round visibility. The adjustable steering wheel and electric joystick in the armrest make it user-friendly and comfortable for the operator.

Fast Unloading with 180° MultiTip: The DT6 is equipped with a compact swivelling system that enables fast unloading backwards and to both sides. This increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

The DT6 is not just a dump truck; it's a solution that combines innovation, efficiency and environmental responsibility to meet the current and future needs of the construction industry. With the DT6, you can work smarter, more environmentally friendly and more efficiently.

Hydrema Telematics


The Hydrema DT6 is already impressive with its electric driveline, compact design and cutting-edge technology. But when you combine this powerful dump truck with Hydrema Telematics, you get an integrated solution that takes productivity and control to the next level.

With Hydrema Telematics, you can access real-time data about your DT6 machine from anywhere. This includes information such as geoposition, machine hours, battery charge level, distance and even alarm and fault codes. This constant stream of data allows you to have full control and monitoring of your machine.

One of the most significant benefits of Hydrema Telematics is the time savings. By being able to monitor the machine remotely, you can react quickly to any issues or maintenance needs. This means less downtime on the jobsite and more efficient operations.

Preventive maintenance is also a key benefit. With access to machine health information, you can detect potential problems before they become serious. This not only saves money on repairs, but also extends the lifespan of the machine.

Hydrema Telematics allows you to set up customised alerts so you can receive instant notifications of important events or faults. This allows you to take immediate action and avoid potential problems.

Efficient resource management is another benefit. By analysing the data from Hydrema Telematics, you can optimise the use of the DT6 machine and improve your overall productivity. You can also implement access control and personal passwords to ensure that only authorised people have access to the machine's data and control functions.

Finally, Hydrema Telematics is future-proofed and ready to meet future needs and updates. It's a long-term investment in the efficiency and safety of your workforce.

So with Hydrema Telematics, you not only get an intelligent solution for DT6, but also a partner that helps you optimise your workplace, increase productivity and reduce costs. It's the modern way to manage and optimise your workforce on site.




When it comes to tackling urban challenges, the Hydrema DT6 is your ultimate ally. The DT6 is more than just a dump truck; it's a compact powerhouse tailor-made for construction projects in tight urban areas.

The DT6's compact design and intelligent technology allows you to navigate narrow streets and work in places where space is a luxury. With its oscillating articulated joint and hydraulic stabilisers, it can tackle challenging terrain with ease and stability.

Whether you're working in a densely populated city centre or on a construction site with limited space, the DT6 gives you the manoeuvrability you need. Choose the DT6 and discover how compact size combined with impressive performance can transform your construction experience. It's your key to mastering city challenges and making every project a success. Welcome to the DT6 - compact, manoeuvrable and ready for action.



When it comes to challenging tasks, reliability is the key to success. The Hydrema DT6 understands this and offers a battery life that never fails.

The DT6 is equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries that allow you to work for long periods of time without having to worry about frequent charging. This means you can stay focused on your project without interruptions and achieve more in less time.

Whether you're working in the heart of the city or on a remote construction site, the DT6 gives you the endurance you need to get the job done. Choose the DT6 and experience a machine that's ready to work as hard as you are, without compromising on performance. Welcome to the DT6 - where battery life is a reliable partner in your daily work routine.


DT6 Front Side View Unloading City



When it comes to building a better future, sustainability is key. With the Hydrema DT6, you not only get a powerful dumper, but also a machine that makes a positive difference to the environment.

The DT6 is fully electrically powered, which means it operates without harmful emissions. It not only reduces air pollution, but also keeps noise levels low, making it ideal for urban areas with strict environmental standards.

By choosing the DT6, you're helping to protect the environment while achieving efficiency and reliability on the jobsite. Make a difference with environmentally friendly operation - choose DT6 and be part of a sustainable future. Welcome to a greener and more efficient working experience with the DT6.

DT6 Side View Speeding City Street Corner1



With the DT6, you get more than just a dump truck; you get intelligent technology that takes your work experience to the next level.

The DT6 is equipped with advanced features that allow you to monitor and control the machine remotely via Hydrema Telematics. This means you always have real-time data on machine performance, status and maintenance needs at your fingertips. With custom alarms, you can set the DT6 to provide instant notifications of important events or faults, allowing you to make quick decisions and minimise downtime.

Efficient resource management is also part of the DT6's intelligent technology. By analysing the data from Hydrema Telematics, you can optimise machine usage and improve your overall productivity. Choose DT6 and experience a new way of working smarter and more efficiently. Welcome to the construction site of the future, where intelligent technology is the key to success.

DT6 Front View In Narrow Street City Traffic2



When you step into the Hydrema DT6, you enter a world of comfort, safety and efficiency. The DT6's cab has been created with the operator's needs in mind, and this is evident from the very first moment.

The cab is spacious, comfortable and ROPS/FOPS certified for maximum safety. It features a comfortable suspension seat, adjustable steering wheel and an intuitive electric joystick in the armrest for easy and precise operation. The cab also gives the operator an unrivalled all-round view, which is essential for safety and efficiency on the jobsite.

Whether you're an experienced operator or a beginner, you'll find the DT6's cab user-friendly and easy to work in. Choose the DT6 and experience the perfect combination of comfort and efficiency in a cab designed to make your working day more comfortable and productive.

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