Rail Dump Trucks

Hydrema is at the forefront of innovation in railway work with their advanced rail dump trucks equipped with rail wheels. These specialised machines combine Hydrema's renowned quality and reliability with tailor-made solutions for the rail sector.

912GSRAIL Front View Multitip

912GS Rail

Rail Dump Truck

912GS Rail
  • 10 tonnes effective load capacity
  • MultiTip with 180 degree tipping radius
  • Undercarriage with rail modules for standard gauge railway

Hydrema is a leader in construction and railway technology, and we have established ourselves as an innovative creator of specialised vehicles, including our impressive range of dump trucks and excavators adapted for railway work. These machines combine advanced engineering, robust construction and ease of use, making them ideal for a wide range of railway construction and maintenance applications.

Railway Dump Truck: 912GS Rail

Designed specifically for railway work, Hydrema's 912GS Rail combines the flexibility and strength of Hydrema's dump truck models with specialised features for railway work. The 912GS Rail is equipped with rail wheels, enabling it to operate efficiently on railway tracks, and its advanced design allows for easy conversion between rail and standard road operation. This versatility makes it an invaluable resource on railway construction sites.

Hydrema's dump trucks

Hydrema also offers a comprehensive range of general purpose dumpers, including the 707G series, 912G series, 922G series, and the innovative DT6 electric dump truck. Each series is designed with specific considerations for different work needs and environments.

  • The 707G series is compact and manoeuvrable, perfect for tight workspaces and smaller projects.
  • The 912G series offers a good balance between size and performance, making it ideal for a wide range of construction and civil engineering applications.
  • The 922G series is larger and more robust, designed to handle more demanding applications and larger load capacities.
  • The DT6, Hydrema's latest electric dump truck, marks a step towards more environmentally friendly solutions, offering emission-free operation without compromising on performance.

Hydrema's Rail Excavators: MX16G Rail and MX20G Rail

In addition to our dumper line, Hydrema has also developed specialised excavators for railway work, including the MX16G Rail and MX20G Rail. These rail excavators are specifically designed for railway projects and offer unrivalled flexibility and efficiency in this niche. With advanced hydraulic systems, strong digging forces and the ability to manoeuvre on rails, these excavators are indispensable tools in modern railway construction and maintenance.

Hydrema continues to drive innovation in construction equipment, and their range of railway excavators and dump trucks underlines our commitment to offering versatile, efficient and reliable solutions for a wide range of industrial and construction-specific needs. With a focus on sustainability, strength and innovation, Hydrema is a trusted partner for construction professionals.