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MX17G Rail

Rail Excavator


  • Compact uppercarriage enables work on double-track railways
  • Undercarriage with rail modules for standard gauge railway
  • Can work in both high and low rail mode
  • Swing radius of 1700 mm
  • Easy switching between travelling on and off the tracks
  • Double cab option
  • User-friendly, safe, robust and comfortable
  • High-performance, powerful and fuel-efficient Cummins B4.5 engine


Hydrema's MXG Rail Series - a state-of-the-art range of rail excavators designed for efficiency and versatility in railway applications. Ready to perform both on and off the rails, these factory-assembled solutions combine the robust features of the MXG series with an innovative rail system to deliver maximum productivity in any setting.


The MX17G Rail from Hydrema epitomises precision and efficiency in railway construction and maintenance. This specialised rail equipment is a compact powerhouse, designed to operate on double-track railways without disrupting traffic on the other track. With its factory-fitted rail system and compact superstructure, the MX17G Rail combines the reliable features of the MXG series with advanced rail technology that ensures maximum efficiency both on the rails and when working off-road.

The difference between this MX17G Rail model and the MX20G Rail is that the compact upper carriage of the MX17G Rail makes it possible to work on double-track railways without disrupting traffic on the other track. The MX20G Rail, on the other hand, is designed for heavy lifting and is the most compact rail excavator in the +20 tonne segment.


The MX17G Rail from Hydrema is built to master the railway environment with its unique modular rail wheel system. The machine is equipped to operate in both high and low rail mode, giving it the flexibility to work efficiently in different conditions. In high rail mode, an advanced lifting system ensures the machine can work near active tracks without interference, while its ability to run directly on the rails in low rail mode provides exceptional traction and stability - essential for working in wet or slippery conditions.

The technologically advanced Prolec height and swing limitation system, equipped with RCI, ensures the MX17G Rail navigates within safe working parameters, minimising the risk of accidents. This safety measure is especially important when working close to or between active tracks where space is limited.

The MX17G Rail model reflects Hydrema's commitment to providing robust, precise and safe machines for the railway industry, making it a valuable player on railway construction sites and maintenance projects. With these specialised rail features, the MX17G Rail stands as an ideal solution for any rail challenge.


The MX17G Rail is equipped with a powerful Cummins B 4.5L Stage V-engine, that delivers impressive performance with a maximum 175 horsepower at 2200 rpm. With a maximum torque of 780 Nm at just 1500 rpm, this engine is built to deliver both power and economy in all working conditions. The MX17G Rail can reach a top speed of 20 km/h in Rail Mode, ensuring fast transit between jobsites and efficient work operations.


The MX17G Rail model from Hydrema shines not only with its engine power, but also with its fuel efficiency. It features a fuel-saving system with a 280 litre fuel tank and a separate 31.5 litre AdBlue tank to ensure optimal emission reduction. This ensures the machine can work longer on site with fewer refuelling interruptions and supports Hydrema's dedication to environmentally friendly and economical operation.


The MX17G Rail from Hydrema stands out with its advanced hydraulic system, which ensures precise and efficient movements during the most demanding tasks on the railway. The dual-circuit hydraulic system, with load sensing and a high-pressure hydrostatic oscillation, ensures smooth and controlled operation. Electronic power control allows the operator to fine-tune the performance of the working hydraulics as needed, and with up to three customised hydraulic settings, the system offers a high degree of adaptability to different tools and tasks.

Oil quantities:

  • Working hydraulics: 319 l/Min
  • Swing hydraulics: 88 l/Min
  • Hydraulic option 1 ZV1: 30-200 l/Min
  • Hydraulic option 2 ZV2: 15-100 l/Min
  • Hydraulic option 3 ZV3: 50-200 l/Min


This rail machine features a sophisticated travel hydraulic system that contributes to its outstanding mobility and manoeuvrability, especially on rails. A constant hydrostatic all-wheel drive ensures a smooth and stable ride in all conditions. This system is complemented by a variable drive motor with brake valve, offering fine-tuned control and responsiveness. The MX17G Rail is also equipped with a 2-speed soft shift powershift transmission that enables a smooth transition between on- and off-road gears, ensuring the machine can adapt to different terrain conditions without compromising efficiency.


With an innovative and versatile rail system, the MX17G Rail allows for efficient working on railways. This system includes two primary operating modes: High Rail and Low Rail.

High Rail (Cat. 2): Driveline and brakes work indirectly from tyres (traction wheels) to rail wheels. When using 'high rail', the machine is lifted more than 100 mm above the tracks, ensuring no conflicts with sensors and switches. Operating in high rail mode provides maximum stability. The parking brake acts directly on the rail wheels.

Low Rail (Cat. 3): Rubber wheels run directly on the rails with traction and brakes acting directly from the wheels to the rails. The rail wheels run with constant pressure regulation and suspension for safety and to avoid derailment. Being partially on rubber tyres provides a comfortable ride and maximum traction, e.g. in wet conditions.


The MX17G Rail offers a spacious and safe ROPS cab designed for optimal comfort and visibility. This cab features a sliding window, a two-piece windscreen with adjustability, and a skylight for increased light. Comfort is enhanced by an adjustable steering wheel and armrests and an air-suspension seat, while the air conditioning system with adjustable air nozzles ensures a comfortable climate. Cab settings can be saved via CAN BUS-controlled keypads, and safety is enhanced with large adjustable rear-view mirrors and a reversing camera.

Optional double cab adds space for a passenger, with comfortable seating and a separate entrance. This addition ensures extra capacity and convenience for both driver and passenger, making the MX17G Rail ideal for teams working on railway infrastructure projects.


The MX17G Rail excavator component stands out with its advanced design and functionality, ideal for demanding railway projects. This excavator features a two-part boom made from high-strength steel, ensuring both durability and flexibility. With the option of adding a hydraulic quick coupler and an Engcon tiltrotator, it offers increased versatility, making it easy for operators to adapt to different tasks.


Safety is a top priority in the design of the MX17G Rail from Hydrema. This machine is equipped with the advanced Prolec height and swing limitation system with an integrated Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI). This system plays a crucial role in preventing the machine from moving outside safe working limits, which is essential when working close to or between active railway tracks. With failsafe functionality and dual sensors, the system ensures constant monitoring and adjustment of the machine's position to avoid collisions and ensure stable operation.


Hydrema's MX17G Rail is equipped with a range of railway-specific features that emphasise its versatility and efficiency on the rails.

This includes:

  • Under carriage with high & low Rail System for 1435 mm track with.
  • Special rail-Keypad for undercarriage (l.h.armrest).
  • Electronic monitoring/alarm - high & low rail.
  • Visual control of rail wheel pressure on rails.
  • Rail wheels-diameter: 650 mm.
  • Fixed BM-hitch, rear.
  • Electronic Prolec height and slew system (Virtual wall) with Rated Capacity Indicator.
  • Hydraulic lock of steering wheels when operating in rail mode (Dynamimic load charts).
  • Hydraulic emergency operation. 3 cameras (2 on the counter weight and 1 on the right hand side).
  • Individual disc brakes on rail wheels, operated both by service and parking brakes.
  • Undercarriage: Extra hydraulic oil circuit, rear - (50 l/min). 7-pole socket for trailer, rear.
  • Coupling for trailer, front/rear.
  • Air brake system for trailer (option) G29


    MX17G RAIL Std. Cab   MX17G RAIL Double Cab  
Rail categorie   High rail (cat. 2) Low rail (cat. 3) High rail (cat. 2) Low rail (cat. 3)
Rubber tyres   Trelleborg 10.00-20  (outer) - Galaxy 10.00-20 (inner)   Trelleborg 10.00-20  (outer) - Galaxy 10.00-20 (inner)  
Machine weight* ton 19,4   19.7  
Width across tyres mm 2570   2570  
Machine width mm 2500   2500  
Track gauge, rails mm 1435   1435  
Cab clearance height mm 3260 3120 3260 3120
Transport height mm 4140 4000 4140 4000
Road transport length mm 5650   5650  
Front overhang mm 3360   3360  
Counterweight distance mm 1640   1640  
Ground clearance to tyres mm 120 0 120 0
Wheelbase mm 2600   2600  
Rail axle distance, front mm 745 865 745 865
Rail axle distance, rear mm 760 880 760 880

*) weight stated with 150 kg quick hitch. No bucket. Transport position.


The Hydrema MX17G Rail is designed to offer an unrivalled combination of power, precision and flexibility, making it an ideal solution for many rail projects. Equipped with a robust Cummins B 4.5L Stage V engine, the MX17G Rail delivers impressive performance with up to 175 horsepower while maintaining exceptional fuel efficiency. Its ability to switch between high and low rail modes gives it unique flexibility to work both on and off the rails.

Experience the compactness of the MX17G Rail, designed to make working on double-track railways easier and more efficient. With its compact superstructure, it enables precise and undisturbed work on one track while keeping traffic flowing on the neighbouring track. This design innovation makes the MX17G Rail the perfect partner for projects where space is limited and precision is key.

Mx16g Rail Front (1)
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The MX Rail range, including the MX17G Rail, presents the innovative Prolec height and curvature limitation system with a Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) designed to maximise safety levels when working near rails. Equipped with failsafe functionality, dual sensors and automatic control, the system is an essential safety component that actively prevents collisions with low-hanging cables and the like, and prevents unintended movements in neighbouring tracks.

This advanced technology not only helps to increase safety by creating a virtual wall around the work area, but it also continuously monitors the stability and position of the machine, which is essential for maintaining safe working conditions on railway tracks. Safety is further enhanced with the addition of three strategically placed cameras, two of which are mounted on the counterweight and one on the right side of the machine. This camera setup provides the operator with enhanced visibility, which is essential for accurate and safe work in complex railway environments.

Furthermore, the system is designed to react proactively to potential risks, giving operators an extra safety buffer and contributing to more efficient operations. This safety system, along with the machine's robust construction and advanced control features, makes the MX Rail series one of the most reliable and safe solutions on the railway work market.

Hydrema Telematics


Hydrema Telematics for MX17G Rail represents a pioneering approach to machine monitoring and control in modern railway work. This advanced telematics system, integrated into every MX17G Rail machine, utilises the power of GSM/GPS technology to provide operators and fleet managers with in-depth insight into machine performance and status.

The system works by collecting and sending detailed data about the machine's operation to a centralised server. Through the Hydrema Telematics portal or app, users can easily access important information such as machine type, serial number, model number, geoposition, operating hours, battery charge level, distance travelled, as well as alarm and fault codes. This data collection is not only valuable for daily operations, but also for long-term maintenance and planning.

Hydrema Telematics also makes service and maintenance quick and easy. When your Hydrema Rail machine needs service, Hydrema's service team can easily pinpoint faults via Hydrema Telematics and in many cases fix it without having to physically see the machine, and if a spare part needs to be changed, it can be identified via the system, saving a lot of downtime and getting your MX17G back on the rails quickly.  

This system is a powerful tool for those looking to maximise efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve service and maintenance planning. With Hydrema Telematics, the MX17G Rail becomes not just part of the workforce, but an intelligent and connected player in the digital age of the railway industry.

Hydrema MX17G Rail: Revolutionizing Rail Maintenance with Advanced Engineering



The MX17G Rail from Hydrema is equipped with a specially designed undercarriage that is perfectly adapted for standard gauge railways with a track gauge of 1435 mm. This undercarriage can switch between high and low rail mode, providing exceptional flexibility and adaptability for different railway work tasks. The machine's powertrain is also optimised to ensure reliable propulsion in both modes for uninterrupted and efficient operation.



The MX17G Rail's rail wheel system has a 650 mm diameter and a lockable axle oscillation that allows an adjustment of +/- 3°. This provides increased manoeuvrability and precision. The machine also has individual disc brakes on the rail wheels, which are effectively managed by both the service and parking brakes. In addition, there is advanced electronic monitoring of both high and low rail mode with integrated alarms for additional safety while working.



MX17G Rail improves work efficiency with its fixed BM quick hitch on the rear rail module, making it easy to mount different attachments. An additional hydraulic circuit is installed to operate external tools, adding another layer of versatility. The machine is also prepared for coupling to trailers, both front and rear, with a 7-pin connector for a trailer and an optional air brake system for trailers.

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