New lift for MX RAIL excavators

Hydrema is successful in delivering machinery for work on the railway and has a strong focus on continuing to develop solutions for this sector. Therefore, a detachable lift - that can be mounted on the Hydrema MX16 RAIL and MX20 RAIL excavators - is introduced. The lift has a maximum reach of 12.2m and is purpose-built for work on the railway.

MX Rail Lift 1000Px

The lift consists of a crane mounted on a console. This lift console is placed on the rear rail module of the excavator and is detachable. This makes it easy to remove the lift and let the excavator work independently. To get the most out of both the lift and the excavator, the crane is mounted on the left-hand side of the lift console.
The man basket is transported in custom-made brackets on the lift console and can quickly be mounted on the crane using a quick hitch. The man basket Is capable of holding 2 persons + tools (max. 200 kg). The lift is Certified in accordance with European Standard for Mobile Work Platforms: EN-280.2015
All lift functions can be controlled via a remote control.

MX 122M Raekkevidde GB 1000Px

The lift is designed for work on the railroad, and thus differs significantly from a standard truck crane. The equipment includes

  • Height and slew limitation system (according to EN 1403).
  • A heavy-duty slewing system which is able to hold the lift in position even on sloping tracks (up to 180 mm. difference in track height).
  • Earth bounding of all components for maximum safety

In addition, the excavator is able to move along the tracks while standing in the man basket (up to 3 km/h).
The crane (without man basket) is approved according to EN-12999, and can hereby be used as an independent crane for lifting purposes, where the maximum lifting capacity is 700 kg.
Read more about the lift in the brochure.  

The lift is shown for the first time at the Nordic Rail show in Jönköping, Sweden, where it will be mounted on an MX16 RAIL excavator.

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