Updated body and tip cylinders on Hydrema's compact dump truck

New features are introduced on Hydrema’s most popular model - the 912F dump truck. A new body design is introduced and the telescopic tipping cylinders on the MultiTip version are replaced by new double-acting cylinders.

912FS Gabriel C5B6697 PE Profil

The new body is optimized for robot welding. You can identify the new body design by new LED rear lights and new tranfers.

912FS Gabriel C5B7357 Rear PE

New Light Options

New LED rear working lights are available as an option and can be ordered as either 2 or 4 pieces.  
Yellow warning flashes (front and rear) are now available, increasing vehicle visibility, which is reassuring for work on a crowded road or busy building site.


  • Double-acting tipping cylinders on all body versions. The body is pulled back into resting position - regardless of the machine’s inclination.
  • The tipping angle of the MultiTip is increased from 67° to 75°.
  • The bottom of the body is now with Hardox high strength steel / wear steel.
  • New LED rear lights.
  • Yellow flashes front and rear are available as an option.
  • LED working lights rear as an option (located next to the rear lights).
912FS Gabriel C5B7319 PE Tipcylindre

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