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707G Power+

Dump Truck


  • 6.5 tonnes load capacity
  • Cummins F3.8 Stage V with 122hp
  • High mobility and stability
  • Chassis with articulated joints and low centre of gravity
  • Easy to operate and safe
  • Exceptional 360° visibility
  • Ideal dump truck for rentals

707 Serie

Meet our compact articulated 7 tonne dump trucks; the 707G and 707G Power+! While more compact in design, they don't compromise on safety levels and match the larger dumpers. They are equipped with a forward-facing cab, oscillating articulated pivot point and a reliable hydrostatic transmission. The perfect combination of efficiency and safety in one streamlined package!


Sitting firmly in the 7-tonne class, Hydrema's 707G series of dump trucks combine compact design with exceptional functionality. Enjoy 360° visibility that makes them incomparably manoeuvrable. With enhanced safety features, they are not only efficient but also safe. With an extremely low ground pressure, they leave a minimal footprint on the terrain. And don't let their size fool you - they carry the same quality features as their larger articulated counterparts. Efficiency, safety and strength - all in one dump truck!


We offer two versions of this beauty - the standard model, the 707G, with 55 kW (74 HP), and the more powerful 707G Power+ with 90 kW (122 HP). The special thing about these dumper trucks is that they both come with a 3.8 litre Stage V Cummins engine that complies with the latest 2020 emissions regulations. While our 55 kW version doesn't require the addition of AdBlue, this 90 kW version does with an integrated 19-litre AdBlue tank.

But that's not all! The 707G Power+ comes with fully variable hydrostatic transmission, making it possible to reach speeds of up to 34 km/h without losing traction. And with three adjustable gear settings - Creep, Normal and ECO mode - you can customise your ride as needed. ECO mode is a particular winner when it comes to saving fuel, reminiscent of the familiar start/stop function from passenger cars.


Discover the power of our unique chassis! With a central articulated pivot point and advanced dual-acting hydraulic stabilisers, stability while driving and tipping is assured. Our design intelligently integrates the fuel tank and hydraulic tank in the front chassis, maximising efficiency and performance. Also experience incredible flexibility with a tilt angle of +/- 12°. With Hydrema, every detail is designed to perfection to create the highest quality dump trucks!


Experience the power of our advanced axle design! With a planetary reduction directly in the wheel hubs and dedicated oil chambers, optimal performance is ensured. The front axle comes with a automatic limited slip differential lock, while the rear axle has a fully hydromechanical locking function. Furthermore, our front axle is refined with an integrated reduction gear, specially designed for the hydraulic motor. This is technical innovation you can rely on!


The Hydrema 707G Power+'s hydrostatic transmission features an advanced 89cc variable piston pump and a 210cc piston engine, delivering performance exactly as you want with 100% variable speed. Explore our three drive modes:

  1. Creep mode: Perfect for delicate tasks with a max speed of 7.5 km/h for precision control at lower speeds.
  2. Normal mode: Get full power with a top speed of 34 km/h at just 2200 rpm.
  3. ECO mode: Increase your efficiency and comfort on the road with a maximum speed of 30 km/h at just 1900 rpm. Experience the benefits of higher speeds with fewer engine revolutions.

With constant 4-wheel drive and cruise control in all three driving modes, you can always rely on a stable and efficient drive!


Meet the powerhouse of a dump truck; the 707G Power+! Powered by Cummins F 3.8L Stage 5, complete with DOC and SCR catalyst, DPF and the essential AdBlue additive. This 16-valve Common-Rail Turbodiesel boosts your performance with its intercooler and electronic variable turbocharger, delivering up to 122 hp (90 kW) and an impressive 500 Nm of torque.

And it doesn't stop there! The 707G Power+ is equipped with an intelligent stop/start system. After a set period of idling (which you can customise between 2-500 seconds), the engine pauses. But just step on the accelerator and it immediately springs back to life.


With our advanced hydrostatic Load Sensing articulated steering, equipped with two efficient dual-acting cylinders, you get optimal control with the Hydrema 707G Power+. A built-in priority valve ensures maximum efficiency and the emergency control is always at hand for your safety. The integrated damping steering cylinders ensure comfortable and precise steering, and with a maximum steering angle of +/- 38°, you can navigate even the most challenging terrain.


With our high-performance hydraulic pump delivering an impressive 59 L/min, we ensure maximum efficiency and precise control thanks to an integrated priority valve. But we don't compromise on safety - a separate pump takes dedicated care of the brakes and stabiliser, so you're always in control.


The Hydrema 707G Power+ offers a pleasant working experience with only 72 dB(A) noise level inside the cab. Outside the operator's cab, the noise level reaches 101 dB(A), ensuring minimal disturbance around you.


Experience the power of our robust 24V system, equipped with an efficient 70 Amp alternator. To ensure renewable energy and reliability, we utilise two powerful batteries, each with a capacity of 12V and 100 Ah.


Our advanced 3.5 m3 dump body, precisely engineered using robotic welding and made from high-strength steel, is a vital part of the 707G Power+. This body is designed for optimal performance with an impressive 69° tipping angle. Interestingly, the bottom of the body tilts 45° to the horizontal line, ensuring efficient and precise emptying. Make work more efficient with this advanced design feature!


The fuel efficiency of the Hydrema 707G Power+ is outstanding! With a 78 litre diesel tank and a 19 litre AdBlue tank, both integrated in the front chassis, you get the power and range you need to get the job done.


Experience precision and efficiency with our advanced MultiTip! Regardless of direction, you'll get fast unloading thanks to our robust swivelling system anchored on a large slewing ball bearing. The unique tipping function, which utilises two powerful double-acting cylinders, ensures consistent and precise positioning of the load, regardless of the angle of the machine. Plus, with a tipping time of only 6 seconds up and 5 seconds down, you can expect maximum performance every time!


With our dual-circuit hydraulic servo system, you get consistent and reliable braking power at all four wheels, all thanks to oil immersed brake discs. Not only are they self-adjusting, but they're also maintenance-free. To top it off, our handbrake is designed with a fail-safe parking brake that is electro-hydraulically activated, ensuring you can always rely on it. Safety and innovation goes hand in hand!


Take a seat in the cockpit of comfort! Our spacious cab, with ROPS/FOPS certification, is designed for optimal safety and superior views. Choose between a mechanical or air suspension seat for a driving experience like no other. With an adjustable steering wheel and a multifunction joystick at your fingertips, you're in complete control. And of course, A/C is standard - because you should never compromise on comfort.


    DT 707G POWER+   DT 707G POWER+ / MultiChassis DT 707G POWER+ / MultiChassis +  Flatbed
Tires   500/60-22,5 600/50-22,5 700/40-22,5 500/60-22,5 700/40-22,5 500/60-22,5 700/40-22,5
Engine power hp (kW) 122 (90) 122 (90) 122 (90) 122 (90) 122 (90) 122 (90) 122 (90)
SCR catal. with Ad-blue x x x x x x x
Total weight kg 11900 11950 12000     10650 10700
Unladen weight kg 5400 5450 5500 4450 4500 5150 5200
Load capacity kg 6500 6500 6500        
Body capacity (heaped) m3 3,5 3,5 3,5        
Turning radius m 5,1 5,1 5,1 5,1 5,1 5,1 5,1
Ground pressure (loaded) kPa 116 97 83        
Track mm 1800 1800 1850 1800 1800 1800 1800
Total width mm 2360 2400 2550 2360 2550 2360 2550
Ground Clearence mm 353 353 353 353 353 353 353
Width, dumper body mm 2010 2010 2010     2270 2270
Max height mm 2560 2560 2560 2560 2560 2560 2560
Loading height mm 1873 1873 1873     1300 1300
Height with raised body mm 3685 3685 3685     3330 3330
Tipping clearance mm 1077 1077 1077     900 900
Overhang, rear mm 1148 1148 1148     1050 1050
Wheel base mm 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500
Overall length mm 5288 5288 5288 5010 5010 5180 5180
Departure angle, front ° 27 27 27 27 27 27 27
Departure angle, rear ° 69 69 69        
Tipping angle ° 69 69 69     55 55
Overhang, front mm 1640 1640 1640 1640 1640 1640 1640


The 707G Power+ is an upgraded and more powerful dump truck model compared to the standard 707 series model, the 707G. The Power+ model provides extra power and performance for the most demanding tasks, while maintaining a focus on environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency.

The most significant difference is in engine power. The 707G Power+ is equipped with a Cummins F 3.8L Stage 5 engine that delivers up to 122 hp (90 kW) at 2000 rpm and a maximum torque of 500 Nm at 1500 rpm. This is a significant increase over the standard model and gives the Power+ extra power to tackle demanding tasks.

The Hydrema 707G Power+ is also equipped with a 19 litre AdBlue tank to meet the strictest emission standards. This makes it more environmentally friendly by reducing harmful emissions.

Thanks to the more powerful engine and other improvements, the 707G Power+ has an overall higher performance than the 707G, and can handle heavier loads and more challenging tasks with greater ease.

It solves every task we have, big or small, under unreasonably tight conditions

The possibilities for customisation with the 707G Power+

With Hydrema's 707G Power+, you have many options to customise your 7 tonne dump truck to perfectly suit your needs. First of all, you can customise the machine in terms of power. Here you can choose between the two models, 707G and 707G Power+, where the difference lies in the engine power.

If you choose this more powerful Power+ model, you get more customisation options in the form of MultiChassis and Flatbed.

The tyres on the dumper can also be customised as needed. The standard tyres on the 707G Power+ are in dimensions 500/60-22.5, but if you want extra traction and less ground pressure, you can choose wider tyres in the form of 600/50-22.5 or 700/40-22.5 as an option. Best of all, all tyre choices remain within the machine's 2.55 metre width, allowing the fully loaded 707G Power+ to be registered for driving on public roads, depending on regional rules and regulations.

MultiChassis and Flatbed

The 707G Power+ is already a powerful and versatile machine in its own right, but the addition of the MultiChassis or Flatbed customisation opens up a wide range of possibilities to adapt the machine to specific tasks and work situations. This customisation gives you extra functionality and versatility as you can mount different equipment and accessories on the machine.

For example, you can easily attach a salt spreader to the machine, which is useful during the winter months and makes the 707G Power+ ideal for snow removal and road maintenance. If you need to mix concrete on site, the MultiChassis allows you to attach a concrete mixer, saving time and labour.

An attached snow plough makes the 707G Power+ a reliable machine for snow and ice removal, especially in areas with harsh winters. With a broom attachment, you can easily clean roads, car parks and other areas, which is useful for maintaining outdoor areas.

In addition, the MultiChassis customisation also has the option to convert the 707G Power+ into a flatbed version. This turns the machine into a utility vehicle that can transport heavy equipment or supplies to places where you would normally have trouble transporting your equipment. The flatbed feature further increases flexibility and allows you to customise the machine for even more tasks.

The MultiChassis customisation significantly increases the versatility of the machine and allows you to adapt it to different tasks without having to invest in more specialised machines. This improves productivity and reduces the need for multiple machines, which can result in savings in your company's operating budget.

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Hydrema Telematics


Hydrema Telematics is an advanced technological feature available for all Hydrema machines, including the 707GPower+. This telematics solution allows you to optimise and monitor the operation of your 707G Power+ machine in a way that improves efficiency, increases safety and reduces operating costs. 

Remote monitoring: With Hydrema Telematics, you can follow your 707G Power+ in real-time from anywhere using an online portal or mobile app. You can easily track machine location, monitor operating hours and check fuel levels and battery status.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting: Hydrema Telematics also collects and analyses machine data, including engine performance and sensor information. This means the system can detect any faults or operational issues in real-time. If a fault or alarming issue occurs, the system automatically sends alerts to you so you can take the necessary action quickly. This reduces downtime and minimises the risk of unexpected repairs.

Optimising fuel consumption: By closely monitoring fuel consumption, Hydrema Telematics can help you identify areas where you can optimise the fuel consumption of your machine. This is especially important for reducing operating costs and minimising environmental impact - while also providing you with data on how much environmental impact the machine is having.

Service planning: Hydrema Telematics allows you to plan maintenance tasks more efficiently. By monitoring the machine's operational data, you can predict when it's time for scheduled maintenance or service. This helps prevent downtime and ensures your 707G Power+ is always in top shape.

Security and access control: With the telematics system, you can also increase security around your 707G Power+. You can create geofence zones and be notified if the machine leaves or enters a specific area. This is useful to prevent theft or unauthorised use of the machine. Furthermore, the system can help maintain operator identification, ensuring that only authorised operators can use the machine.

Historical data and reports: Hydrema Telematics stores all machine data in a database, allowing you to generate detailed reports and analyse machine performance over time. These reports can help you make informed decisions about machine maintenance and operation and give you valuable insight into your 707G Power+'s performance.

Overall, Hydrema Telematics is a powerful tool that allows you to optimise the operation of your 707G Power+ in a way that increases efficiency, reduces costs and improves safety. It's an important technological innovation that can help you maximise your investment in this powerful machine.


Multitip (2)



Our 707G models come standard with the 180° MultiTip feature. This isn't just a feature; it's your new superpower. MultiTip allows you to unload material at any angle, improving not only your flexibility, but revolutionising how you think about space and efficiency.




Imagine a dump truck that revolutionises compact efficiency. With a loading height of just 187 cm, the 707G Power+ is the ultimate collaboration tool for your mini excavator. Together they form our signature "CityKit," a match made in construction heaven, ready to take on the challenge of the city's tight spaces.

Turn Radius



What do you get when you combine MultiTip with an exceptionally tight turning radius? A machine designed to master complex tasks in the most confined spaces. This is the 707G Power+: an iconic, versatile and efficient dumper that transforms how you work, no matter how little space you have available.




Safety isn't just a feature; it's a commitment. Our 707G Power+ dump truck is at the forefront of safety with its unique design and technology. An unrivalled combination of an advanced rear view camera (optional) and a front-facing cab puts the driver in a position of full control. The result? A 360-degree view that not only impresses, but also fulfils the strict ISO standards 5006 & 14401. But we go one step further. Unlike conventional dumper trucks, the 707G Power+ is designed so that the bed never obstructs the operator's field of vision. This is more than a convenience; it's a revolution in how we think about efficiency and safety. The operator not only gets unrivalled visibility, but also the freedom to manoeuvre and work with unprecedented precision.



At the heart of Hydrema's design philosophy is an unwavering commitment to safety. When we develop a new machine, it's not just for efficiency and performance, but also with a deep understanding that operator safety is non-negotiable.

Our latest dump truck model encapsulates this philosophy to perfection. With a simple one-step entry and a cabin that meets the strictest ROPS/FOPS standards, we've created a workspace that represents the ultimate in safe and comfortable working conditions.



Stability is not a secondary aspect; it's a core component of every Hydrema product. With our familiar chassis design, inherited from our larger dump trucks, we've achieved something very special. The low centre of gravity, combined with a pivoting articulated joint and dual hydraulic stabilisers, gives the operator unrivalled stability.

And it doesn't stop there. With a low ground pressure of just 83 kPa and an impressive turning radius of only 5.1 metres, this dumper offers unparalleled opportunities to work efficiently even in the most confined spaces.

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