912GS Rail

Rail Dump Truck

Hydrema 912GS Rail dump truck driving on railway track

Efficient on the tracks

Moving gravel and construction materials on tracks has never been easier, than with the Hydrema 912GS RAIL dump truck. Capable of working both in high and low rail mode, while delivering the material in a 180-degree area.

Hydrema 912GS Rail dump truck driving on railroad

Work efficiently on the railway

Flexible rail system

  • Hydrema rail modules and wheels

    Detachable rail modules

    The rail modules are mounted on a bolt-on system with quick couplings for the hydraulics. Hereby they can easily be de-mounted when not used for work on the rail.


    Big rail wheels (with a diameter 450 mm at the front and 550 mm at the rear) ensure the position and driving stability of the dump truck on the tracks, even at high speeds.


    Individual disk brakes are mounted in the hub of the rail wheels, so that both the service and parking brakes work directly on the rail wheels.


  • Hydrema 912GS Rail dump truck working in high rail mode

    “High rail” mode

    The 912GS can work in both high and low rail mode. In high rail mode, the tires are lifted 125 mm from the tracks. Hereby damage to track sensors and shifters are avoided as the rubber wheels are lifted entirely off the rail track.


    A roller is pressed against the rear rubber tires, transferring the traction directly to the rail wheels.

  • Hydrema 912GS rail dump working in Low rail mode

    ”Low rail” mode

    In the low rail working mode, the rubber tires run directly onto the rail tracks, which maximizes the traction.


    The position of the rail wheels is controlled by sensors, securing the correct load both on the rubber wheels and the rail wheels.

Both on road and tracks

Designed for Railway work

Rail specific equipment

  • Hydrema 912GS has integrated cameras to get easy onto the rail track

    Integrated cameras

    In addition to the rearview camera, two cameras are mounted in the front and rear end below the dump truck to monitor the rail wheels, giving the operator the perfect conditions to position the rail modules correctly on the rail tracks.

  • Hydrema 912 rail dump truck is mounted with an articulation lock

    Automatic articulation lock

    For safety reasons, the 912GS Rail dump truck has an automatic, hydraulic lock for the articulated steering equipped as standard. In this way, the front and rear chassis are locked together to keep the truck stiff and minimize the derailing risk. Engaging and disengaging the lock is carried out conveniently from the driver's seat.


    When on the railroad tracks, the pivot point's oscillation is automatically locked, to have maximum stability.


  • Hydrema rail emergency pump

    Emergency operation

    In the event of an engine failure, the hydraulic functions can be operated using the emergency pump.


    Furthermore, the brakes can manually be released, if needed.


Video of the Hydrema rail system


Great work space with an excellent view

  • Easy operation

    The spacious cab offers a soft-touch interior with ergonomically placed instrumentation, while the seat and armrests are fully adju­stable. An optional driver’s seat with ventilation and automatic weight adjustment can further enhance the comfort.

    All operations can be carried out from the cab, easily controlled by logical keypad panels and the multifunctional joystick - integrated into the right armrest.

    The front and rear rail modules are operated individually in order to achieve the maximum operator flexibility.

  • Great visibility

    The engine is placed behind the front-facing cab, providing an unobstructed view both forward and to the sides. In combination with large side mirrors and the optional rear view camera, the 912GS Rail dump truck has superb all-round visibility, which meets the ISO standards 5006 and 14401.

    Smart operating features

    The dump truck is fitted with a switch operated tipping throttle that automatically increases the engine speed when activated to quickly raise the body and thereby increase the efficiency.

Hydrema 912GS rail cab & interior work place Hydrema 912GS rail view from the cab


Control the tipping height

In order to avoid hitting overhanging railway cables, the dump truck body can be physically restricted by two steel wires, giving the body a max height of 4.3m or 4.5m when tipping (option). The wire can easily be attached and detached.

Hydrema 912GS Rail dump truck with raised body and height limiter


Case Video

Video of the Hydrema rail equipment put to work

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